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    Good morning,

    We are at your disposal to develop a cutting optimization tool according to your specifications. We have already developed a tool for optimizing the cutting of logs into sections. It takes into account the length of the log to be cut and the value of the desired sections. The result is a section plane. Possibility of upgrading the tool for other optimization issues.

    The software uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the combination of leg lengths that will produce the highest total economic value. The algorithm makes calculations based on the available length of the log and the expected selling price for each length of section, and selects the combination that will produce the optimal result. The end result is a sequence of section lengths that can be used to cut the log for the greatest possible total value.
    The fall can be distributed over the entire length.

    The tool is marketed in the form of a monthly subscription and operates in SAAS (internet access).

    We can develop a similar tool according to your own needs.
    Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your needs! - Translated with google

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