Venta Escritorios (Escritorios De Ordenador) Juegos – Ensambles De Bricolaje Madera Sólida – Asia Tropical Estados Unidos

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Tipo Escritorios (Escritorios de Ordenador)
Nombre de producto Vifah
Origen Vietnam
Estilo Juegos – ensambles de bricolaje
Tipo de material principal Madera sólida – Asia tropical
Material principal Birch, Beech, Red core Beech, Oak


Volumen 10 piezas Punto – 1 vez
Dimensiones 45 L x 11 W x 10 H x 67 lbs
Color Blanco
ActiveDesk was designed to make both standing and sitting a natural part of your day. Standing encourages movement, which is key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus.
HIGHEST RATED OFFICE DESK - ActiveDesk is loved by thousands of companies and people around the world, including people from Google, Quora and HubSpot.
SMART KEYPAD - With a single press, ActiveDesk lets you move to the perfect sitting or standing height chosen by you. It remembers 4 different height positions, so you can share it with other people without compromising on comfort.
ROOM FOR ALL YOUR MONITORS AND GADGET - With 300-pound lifting capacity, ActiveDesk lets you set up as many monitors as you want, and all your gadgets and accessories. The table top is 30 inch deep, so you have all the space in the world to get work done faster.
A DESK THAT HUG YOU - ActiveDesk table top conforms to your body, letting you fully rest your arms. This reduces pressure and encourages movement, both of which are key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus.

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