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Tipo Hot tubs
Nombre de producto Wooden hot tubs
Origen Lituania
Estilo Tradicional
Tipo de material principal Madera blanda asiatica
Material principal Alerce (Larix)


Volumen 400.0 - 500.0 piezas anual
Dimensiones There is a big variety of possible sizes: -1500 mm diameter, 1050 mm height (for 3 persons); -1600 mm diameter, 1050 mm height (for 4 persons); -1700 mm diameter, 1050 mm height (for 5 persons); -1800 mm diameter, 1050 mm height (for 6 persons); -1900 mm diameter, 1050 mm height (for 7 persons); -2000 mm diameter, 1050 mm height (for 8 persons); -2200 mm diameter, 1050 mm height (for 10 persons);
Highest quality wooden hot tubs. Delivered full assembled, so it can be instantly used!

Hydrotherapy has long been recognised as beneficial to health. Having a hot tub installed at home can be a great way to ease joint aches and pains as well as helping relieve stress after a long day at work. The heat of the water eases pain and the buoyancy takes strain off joints. It is also fun to relax with friends or family in the comfort of your own back yard, all year round.

Choose one that fits best in your own garden
You can choose from a list of different hot tubs, or even create your own model and get discounts instantly!

You also will get personal and professional consultations 6 days a week, subsequent consultations at any time. Also you get perfect quality and many unforgettable moments spent with your friends and family. Who wouldn't love to relax in a large bathtub and enjoy unique moments in the open air and in a company with the closest people in any weather.

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