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  • septiembre 09, 2021 12:05

Rise in China sawn hardwood imports

China’s sawn hardwood imports rose 3% to 4.41 million cubic metres...... [más...]

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  • septiembre 09, 2021 11:27

UK: Timber imports continue to surge

UK's Timber Trade Federation (TTF) latest statistics show the volume of imported timber experienced a further surge in June 2021, exceeding one million m³...... [más...]

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  • septiembre 08, 2021 12:19

EU tropical log imports rebound in H1/2021

EU27 imports of tropical logs, which have been in long term decline and are now a shadow of their former level...... [más...]

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  • septiembre 08, 2021 10:42

N. American lumber prices rebound as demand improves

Many customers had been waiting on the sidelines over this summer before making their lumber purchases, to see when prices would hit bottom. As it became apparent over the past two weeks that prices were on their way back up...... [más...]

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  • septiembre 07, 2021 13:55

Södra adjusts timber prices

Södra sees a continued strong demand for timber and is now raising prices for both normal timber, small timber and logs. In addition, the thinning premium on pulpwood is extended until the end of December...... [más...]

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  • septiembre 07, 2021 12:42

Malaysia: Exports of wood products up 21%

Malaysian wood sector exports have increased by 20.7% in the first six months of this year compared to the same period last year...... [más...]

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  • septiembre 07, 2021 11:24

China sawnwood imports down 17% in H1/2021

According to China Customs in the first half of 2021 sawnwood imports totalled 14.06 million cubic metres valued at US$3.573 billion, down 17% in volume and down 3% in value....... [más...]

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  • septiembre 06, 2021 13:01

Japan to promote lumber use in govt buildings

The Japanese government plans to promote the use of lumber for key structural elements such as posts in all new government buildings and related facilities in principle as part of its decarbonization efforts, according to informed sources...... [más...]

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  • septiembre 06, 2021 11:56

Ghana: Wood product trade picking up

Ghana classifies its wood products into three main categories, Primary Products (PP), Secondary Wood Products (SWP) and Tertiary Wood Products (TWP)....... [más...]

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  • septiembre 06, 2021 10:53

Highest EU tropical imports since 2012

EU27 imports of tropical wood and wooden furniture started this year slowly in January and February but surged to US$327 million in March and then again to US$353 million in April, the highest monthly import recorded since January 2012. Import value fell away only slightly to US$338 million in May and US$330 million in June. ..... [más...]

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