Switzerland: Rising prices for roundwood

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Since the beginning of June, Swiss forest companies have had attractive log prices for deliveries to Austria and Germany. There the prices have risen sharply due to the lack of wood. Export deliveries are mainly made by rail. At the end of June or the beginning of July, the larger Swiss sawmills also raised their prices to this level.

The cool and wet half-year was also good for the forests. The wintering bark beetles swarmed out in April and May and started new broods. The swarming of the 1st generation should begin at the end of July, which means that beetle wood can be expected from mid-August. According to Holzmarkt Ostschweiz, the beetle populations are still very high.

On the other hand, there is little left of old beetle wood. The market is empty due to the good demand. There is hardly any unsold fresh or damaged wood. Very little wood was harvested, especially in private forests. The prices were too low for the forest owners. However, all sawmills were able to stock up on enough logs. The supplies will last until the end of the summer vacation. From August onwards, the demand for fresh wood and also beetle wood should rise sharply.

Holzmarkt Ostschweiz recommends fair prices for long-term partners and is currently buying spruce wood in quality B for 105 CHF / m3, C quality for 75 CHF / m3 and beetle wood for 70 CHF / m3 until the end of July. But there are already offers from abroad that are significantly higher.

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