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UPM reports strong Q2/2021

Finland's UPM posted a bigger-than-expected rise in second-quarter operating profit, after its pulp, timber and biofuels division put in its best performance yet....... [más...]

Increased demand for softwood lumber in the US and Asia to change the global trade flows

Softwood lumber has been in high demand in the US and Europe throughout 2021. The limited supply resulted in temporary price surges to record high levels during the spring, followed by substantial declines in early summer...... [más...]

Canfor to curtail production at Canadian sawmills due to extreme wildfire conditions

Canfor Corp. says it is curtailing production capacity at its Canadian sawmills beginning Monday as a result of extreme wildfire conditions in Western Canada...... [más...]

US housing starts rise more than expected in June

New residential construction in the U.S. showed a substantial increase in the month of June...... [más...]

Encouraging signs for European furniture sector

The global significance of the European furniture sector, and some positive signs for the sector after the turmoil caused by the COVID pandemic, are highlighted in recent reports in World Furniture, the trade journal of CSIL, the Milan-based furniture market research organisation...... [más...]

Raute reports increades net sales in the first half of 2021

Raute‘s net sales in the first half of the year increased by 25% to 60.2 million €, compared to the first half of 2020. The order intake was 95 million €, of which 65 million € were generated in the second quarter. The net sales in the second quarter were 35.5 million €. Despite the... [más...]

Polish furniture and construction industry afraid to loose competitiveness

The Polish furniture and construction industry recognizes the global wood price dynamic a little less intense as other countries, yet, as domestic prices did not increase as much so far. But the currently existing balancing solution for that – the allowance for the national forsts to sell... [más...]

Segezha reports progress with modernization projects

The modernization schedule for the main production lines of the Karelian Wood Company, acquired by Segezha in 2020, continues 2021 with e.g. local treatment facilities and a number of infrastructure projects, including the installation of modern communication and security... [más...]

TUM uses AI to study the effects of forest fires

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) use artificial intelligence methods to estimate the long-term effects of increased forest fires on forest ecosystems. In their simulations, they show how Yellowstone National Park in the USA could develop by the end of the century.... [más...]

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Germany: beech log price index changes to downward trend

The German producer price indices for beech logs fell by an average of 1.8% to 101.1 points in May 2021. B quality increased by 2% compared to April to a level of 105.7 points. The index for 3 m lengths fell by 0.2% to 101.6 points, while 5 m lengths increased by 2.2% to 105.8 points... [más...]

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France: Boom in demand for sawn softwood

France: Boom in demand for sawn softwood

As long as it lasts! In the softwood forests of eastern France, sawyers are crossing their fingers because the sawnwood markets are enjoying unprecedented enthusiasm...... [ más...]

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DACH region: quadrupled prices and contracts for 24 hours

Within the DACH region softwood lumber prices in June are still on the rise due to the high demand in China and USA but also within Europe for construction. Many countries are promoting wooden buildings for climate reasons. Sawmills are at limit, struggeling to get logs and can not expand... [ más...]

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Los precios de la madera en EE. UU. Se desploman

Durante los últimos 16 días, los precios futuros de la madera en EE. UU. Han estado disminuyendo y las entregas en el futuro se dirigen solo en una dirección, a la baja. Las entregas de julio están ahora en 1010 USD...... [ más...]

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