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FSC Australia to launch national forest stewardship standard

The new standard addresses critical issues in Australia’s forests, including high conservation values... [más...]

China’s domestic forestry output up 9.8%

The value of China’s domestic forestry output in 2017 was just over RMB7 trillion, up 9.8% from 2016... [más...]

Sappi Europe to increase prices for CWF and UWF paper grades

Sappi announces price increases for its CWF and UWF prices in sheets and reels by... [más...]

Sarawak companies suffer sharp drop in log availability

As major logging companies in Sarawak adjust their production in the process of getting their operations certified, new business models are expected to emerge.... [más...]

Two companies announce production curtailments in Oregon

Two companies have announced curtailments at facilities in Oregon... [más...]

SCA issued bonds for SEK 1 billion

On Friday the 16th of November Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ) issued bonds under the companys Medium Term Note programme (MTN)... [más...]

Arauco reports strong third quarter

Arauco reported a very favorable third quarter against exchange rate uncertainty in some of its most important Latin American markets... [más...]

Brazil: Furniture exports grow in Bento Gonçalves

Furniture exports by manufacturers in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul State continue to grow. Between January and September this year there was an almost 9% rise... [más...]

TNC-Components buys click furniture technology from Välinge

TNC-Components, a furniture and component producers in Estonia, has signed a license agreement with Välinge Innovation for the use of Threespine® click furniture technology... [más...]

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France: maritime pine prices soaring despite the economic slowdown

France: maritime pine prices soaring despite the economic slowdown

Are the French softwood markets at a turning point? The question deserves to be asked since the mixed tendencies are observed in the end of this year. On a global level, specialists do not rule out a risk of a slowdown in the global economy in 2019, that would reflect a... [ más...]

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