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British Columbia announces plan to revitalize the province's forestry industry

British Columbia has started a new plan as to revitalize the province's forestry industry, starting with curtailing exports of minimally processed lumber...... [más...]

Best year ever for Logset – Turnover up by 30%

In 2018, Logset Oy’s turnover grew to a record level of 40.128 million euros (2017: 30.922 million euros) and the operating profit to 1,671 million euros (2017: 0,935 million euros). During the past year, the demand for Logset products remained high in Europe. ...... [más...]

European parquet market falls in 2018

The overall consumption figures of the European Parquet Industry for the year 2018 have moderately contracted by a bit less than 2%... [más...]

New furniture orders in US remain strong

New furniture orders in October 2018 increased 7% over new orders reported in October 2017, according to the most recent Smith Leonard survey of residential manufacturers and distributors...... [más...]

IMM report examines impact of FLEGT licensing in furniture sector

With further support, development and communication of FLEGT and FLEGT licensing can play a role to underpin tropical timber product market share in the highly competitive European furniture sector... [más...]

Switzerland: Rising demand for fresh wood

The Swiss Wood Market Commission (HMK) met on January 16, this year for the first time with representatives from the Swiss Industrial Wood and Wood Energy sector. The Swiss wood market is still under the influence of beetle wood, according to the commission. The Swiss wood industry is still prepared to process beetle wood, but at the same time reports an increasing demand for fresh softwood... [más...]

Suzano to begin operations after merger with Fibria

Suzano, the Brazilian-based company resulting from the merger of Suzano Pulp & Paper and Fibria, has begun operations... [más...]

Partial shutdown of US government stalls reporting of economic and trade data

The inability of US President Donald Trump and the US Congress to agree on funding levels has resulted in a partial shutdown of several U.S. government agencies that has lasted for weeks... [más...]

November: Sharp increase in Brazilian exports of wooden panels

In November 2018 the consumption of wooden panels in Brazil reached 621 thousand m3, a slight increase of 1.0% compared to November 2017 (614 thousand m3), according to IBA (Brazilian Tree Industry) monthly report...... [más...]

Large scale reforestation planned for Sabah and Sarawak

Sabah Chief Minister Mohd Shafie Apdal has announced that the State Government will undertake large scale reforestation to ensure wood supplies for industries in Sabah... [más...]

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France: poplar price increase after a period of stagnation

France: poplar price increase after a period of stagnation

In 2019, will the poplar follow the same trend that has prevailed over the past three years? The answer is undoubtedly positive if one examines the factors favorable to the wood species that has faced two difficult decades... [ más...]

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