Mold your wood waste into any finished product, in hardwood-quality, without machining

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A new manufacturing technology plans to change your business forever!

Mold your wood waste into any finished product, in hardwood-quality, without machining!


Not since the Industrial Revolution have we all been forced to rethink the way we do business. To compete in today’s ever changing global markets Sorbilite, Inc. invented and patented a new technology. It combines three industries into one streamline manufacturing process:

  • Press manufacturing
  • Production Mold Making
  • Universal Grinding System processing any type and size of wood waste to proper mesh size
  • Composite and manufacturing process know how


All four components are patented and work only in combination with each other. Sorbilite is proud to introduce you to Sorbilite's award-winning and patented “Integrated Composite Forming System”.


Two different types of patented high pressure presses represent the “heart” of the system, a 3’x 3’ and a 4’x 8’ press surface called the “Composite Molding Press.”

It produces the molded core and surface finishes at the same time, in one press cycle.  Both presses are of “frameless’ design contrary to any other press.  It generates extreme high pressure (up to 9000 psi) but is compactly built requiring no excavation or special foundation.

The press allows unmatched flexibility in product characteristics and finished design but requires only low energy consumption.



Production molds

The Sorbiform™ production mold making is designed for the Sorbilite frameless presses ONLY.  It will NOT work in combination with any other press designs.  It is unique because the molds are:

  • Able to produce intrinsic mold surfaces not possible to achieve with ANY other method.
  • Light weight; only approximately ½ thick.
  • Made out of patented alloy composites, molds are highly heat conductive but hardened steel quality.  Water-based, no health and environmental problems.
  • Cost effective to produce, making “short cycle runs” possible. 

Grinding System 

Sorbilite combined a pulverizer and a de-fibrator into one universal grinder. 6”x”6 blocks or ¼” pieces, soft- or hardwood can be processed to a consistency necessary for the molding process. The system also reduces agricultural remnants. No pre-grinding or screen cleaning is necessary.

And best of all, just flip the grinder and the content can be mixed with a binder, ready for molding!

Composite and process manufacturing know-how 

In today’s highly competitive market it is important to produce “high quality” products. This is possible by changing the mechanical properties of the end products. For example: to manufacture a “water-proof” article requires a different combination of composites than a “water-resistant” part. The same applies to “bullet-proof “doors vs. regular doors; fireproof roofing tile vs. regular roofing tile. Throughout the last three decades Sorbilite has collected an enormous amount of knowledge in this field and makes it accessible to its customers.  

Sorbilite has also available various binders, additives and surface finishes allowing the manufacture of “value added,” uniquely designed products only possible with Sorbilite’s “Integrated Composite Forming System.”


 *The process is sold on an exclusive basis with territorial and product protection.*

Among the many accolades the technology has received from industry as well as academia here are the most important ones: 

  • Environmental Awards
  • International Wood Working Awards
  • State Recognitions

Only available with exclusive license. Find out if your territory is still available and register!

For more details contact the company at or visit or YouTube channel. 


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João  Verdasca
I think I’m not a fool and I ask a honest question. Can you answer me?
Gbenga Adelugba
Am very impressed with this lovely innovation,I have similar idea which can transform the entire building industry
João  Verdasca
Good morning, This machine can produce blocs for pallets? If use sawdust, do we have to drie the sawdust? Best regards João Verdasca