Raute to deliver LVL lay-up and pressing lines to North-East Asia

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Raute Corporation has received an order for LVL lay-up and pressing lines worth almost EUR 20 million from a North-East Asian customer. The customer’s name will not be released due to the customer’s request.

The machinery and equipment will be designed and manufactured at Raute’s Nastola and Shanghai plants. The deal also includes modern veneer grading equipment to be installed on the veneer drying line to be delivered by a local supplier.

The equipment will be supplied by Raute’s Kajaani (Mecano) and Pullman (Metriguard, USA) units. The plant where the lines will be installed uses local softwood as its raw material. Timber-frame construction has increased in some North-East Asian developed areas and this investment will significantly increase the structural long LVL production capacity for the area.

The previous major LVL technology delivery from Raute to North-East Asia was in 1998, so this can be seen as an opening of a new door. 


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