Germany: Pine log price index predominantly on the rise

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AlternativtextThe German producer prices for pine showed a largely uniform upward trend in December 2020. While pine logs continued the upward trend from October 2020 (+2.2% to 69.9 points), pine long almost shot up (+8.5% to 62.5 points). Pine pulpwood also recovered slightly (+0.9% to 56.7 points). Only pine short remained in price decline (-2% to 54.6 points).

Compared to the same month one year ago, pine still lagged behind by 16%. Pine short (-18%) and long (-10%) also remained declining, just like pine logs (-10%).

AlternativtextCompared with other softwoods, pine in December 2020 was still the closest to the comparable value from 2015 in terms of price, followed by Douglas fir and spruce. Spruce, however, continued its upward trend more vehemently than Douglas fir, which exceeded its previous year's value.

You get to the table with these and other calculations here.

Data source: Destatis: producer price indices for the products of logging from the state forests

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