2018 Benchmarking for Wood-Based Panel Production (Particleboard & MDF) – a Margules Groome Global Multi-Client Initiative

PR: Margules Groome
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Margules Groome is pleased to announce the 2018 Benchmarking for Wood-Based Panel Production (Particleboard and MDF). This independent industry benchmark study will compare your plant/manufacturing performance with global industry peers across selected products (PB and MDF). If you are a significant stakeholder in the engineered-wood products sector, then you / your company are invited to participate.

Margules Groome sees value in relative global positioning and the potential of implementing the best practices. These contrast with the more traditional approach of continuous improvement that often focuses only on local management conditions and parameters. In an environment where engineered wood products are increasingly competing as a global commodity, understanding your position relative to other global market players is what really matters.

With a focus on raw and surfaced particleboard and MDF, Margules Groome proposes a set of established qualitative and quantitative indicators to highlight the underlying level of operational excellence, including an asset overview, raw-material specifications as well as selected KPIs describing individual performance, overall productivity and efficiency. Data will be collected, consolidated and reported in a spreadsheet, without disclosing confidential data.

To confirm your interest and/or intention to participate, kindly let us know, and we will forward a detailed proposal. We trust you will see value in our proposed study and will seriously consider getting involved. Please feel free to start a dialogue with us if you have any suggestions or issues to clarify.  Contact Dr Mihai Daian / Margules Groome Consulting at mihai.daian@margulesgroome.com

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