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Tipo de madera Madera maciza
Tipo de madera maciza Madera Asiática
Especie/material Teak
Característica clave PEFC
Origen Indonesia
Tipo Terraza (E4E)


Volumen 100 - 1100 m2 (sqm) mensual Convertir
Ancho 90; 120 mm Convertir
Largo 900 - 2400 mm Convertir
Grosor 20 mm  Convertir
Calidad A-Grade
Benefits of Teak Decking
Thanks to its darker colour tone, it can mask possible impurities or damages.
It dries slowly and has good stability in use.
Teak is highly tough and hardwood.
It is dimensionally stable.
It is highly waterproof.
It is easily durable.
Teak decking Origin
The origin of our Teak is from Indonesia, Burma, and Thailand.

Teak decking Description
The Teak has a medium and dark colour; thanks to that, it can mask possible impurities. It dries slowly and has good stability in use. Therefore, a large amount of moisture is not a problem for this species. Teak wood is also highly resistant to weather conditions and tolerates alternating between dry and humid environments. Java Teak decking has medium flexural strength, low stiffness and impact toughness, high compressive strength, and moderately suitable bending. Teak java is an exceptional wood, and thanks to its structure and high content of natural oils and silicic acid, it is very dimensionally stable and unusually durable, especially in a wet environment.

So, if you like symmetry and beauty like Merbau, we recommend it.

Teak decking Recommendation
If you decide not to apply surface finishing, sunlight and water will create a grey patina. An essential component of radiation that affects the greying of wood is UV radiation. Wood molecules absorb this radiation, and when exposed to water, a grey patina forms on the surface and into the depths of the wood. This grey patina will eventually become natural protection against further exposure to UV radiation. In the case of this smooth profile, you can use T-STICK clips or a connecting clamp with a screw for an invisible connection from above for mounting.

Our profiles:
20 x 120 mm - Smooth/Smooth
20 x 90 mm - Smooth/Smooth

REAL DECK – the brand for Wooden Terraces

Real DECK has presented 26 years of experience in the Czech and international markets, with more than three million square meters of outdoor wooden decking sold and installed from European and exotic wood. A selection of tested wood species that flawlessly perform their purpose in the conditions of Central Europe gives the assurance of 100% material quality and recommended components for the long-term benefit of wooden decking with the increasing popularity of this material. From the beginning, our company has sought out the best processing plants in Southeast Asia, South America, Canada, China and Europe to ensure our supply materials' long-term high and consistent quality. The outdoor wooden decking manufacturing process is under the constant control of our agents, who supervise the correct sorting of incoming material, drying, processing quality, storage and loading into shipping containers or trucks. Our business only considers natural materials that retain value and beauty - even with time. We only work with suppliers who respect sustainable forest management. By using wood, we protect non-renewable raw materials for future generations, and, in addition, we have a positive impact on our society, economy and the environment. It is essential for us that the public understands this concept and is aware of the positive effects of using wood in everyday life. Of all the possible materials that can be used for decking, we sell wood because we help to protect non-renewable raw materials and preserve sustainable forest.

Precio & Condiciones

Precio Por encargo EUR por m2 (sqm) Convertir
Incoterm FCA - libre transportista País República Checa Región Prague
Fecha de entrega Disponible por orden en menos de 30 días
Vende para: Mundial


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