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Tipo de madera Madera maciza
Tipo de madera maciza Madera Suramericana
Especie/material Garapa (Grapia)
Característica clave FSC
Origen Brasil
Tipo Terraza (E4E)


Volumen 1 - 5000 m2 (sqm) mensual Convertir
Ancho 140 mm Convertir
Largo 2130-5800 mm Convertir
Grosor 22 mm  Convertir
Calidad FAS, KD 14-16%
Certificación FSC
Garapa wood is a light yellow-brown wood, which is on the surface in the air partially darkens to medium brown colour. Garapa has mostly direct fiberization. The colour differences between the individual boards are natural, but they are not very striking. Wood is strict and has a long life due to high densities and high content of substances contained in wood.
Wood density: approx. 900 kg / m3
Art dried at: 18-20%
Recommended expansion joints between boards during installation: 6 - 8 mm
Processing variant 1:
22 x 140 mm visible side = smooth
Processing variant 2:
25 x 145 mm visible sides both = fine groove / reeded groove
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Phone/Whatsapp: +420 608 052 451
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Precio & Condiciones

Precio Por encargo EUR por m2 (sqm) Convertir
Incoterm EXW - En fábrica País República Checa Región Prague
Fecha de entrega Disponible por orden en menos de 30 días
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