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Tipo de madera Madera maciza
Tipo de madera maciza Madera blanda europea
Especie/material Alerce (Larix spp.)
Característica clave FSC
Origen República Checa
Región Prague
Tipo Terraza Antideslizante (2 Lados)


Volumen 1 - 5000 m2 (sqm) mensual Convertir
Ancho 140 mm Convertir
Largo 4000; 5000 mm Convertir
Grosor 28 mm  Convertir
Calidad AB
Certificación FSC
Description of Siberian larch for decking:

Siberian Larch Decking is cost-effective and worthwhile. It is one of the heaviest softwood. It has natural properties. Siberian larch decking is quite durable and sturdy. It has yellowish, reddish shades. Well situated for exterior decking, larch wood deck has strong fungi resistance properties. Larch wood decking is one of the demanded decking wood providing beautiful texture and long-lasting shine. It has high density which makes it perfectly suited for external decking. Larch wood decking is also favourable as it’s not vulnerable to scrapes, scratches or knocks. Siberian larch decking price is also competitive. If using Siberian larch wood for decking, it’s going to be worthwhile, and there are many reasons to support this idea.

Siberian larch is durable.
It consists of resin repels waters.
It’s naturally water and fungus resistant.
It requires low maintenance.
In a colder climate, due to slower growth rate larch wood is harder.
There are several more reasons which indicate Siberian larch decking price is quite affordable and rewarding. Siberian Larch is significant taiga is Siberian Larch, grown in the most common coniferous forest. Its Latin name is deciduous.
Siberian Larch is originated in West Siberian Lowlands, the southern part of the central Siberian Mountains that reaches Europe. Further, it has grown till the southeastern border of the White Sea and Lake Onega.

It then extends through Asia till Baikal Lake and southeast till Mongolia. These species then further grows from south Asian borders of the former USSR till the northern edge of the tundra.

These species go upward to the upper border of the forest from west Siberian low-land. Siberian Larch also extends to northeast Europe. It also covers approx 264 mils. Ha. In the Russian federation that is around 38% of their forest land.

It grows up to 40m height and tentatively for 400 years of age. It can also reach 60 m and 800 years. Siberian Larch also grows from the sea to a level above 2250 m and established in low lands till edges of the alpine mountain forest. It occurs highest in Altai till 3700m above sea – level. There are 11 species of Larch that have been recognized coming from colder parts of the northern hemisphere. Specifically bifurcating, 2 are from Europe, 1 grows in Czech.

Larch wood can face rough climate yet needs more soil nutrition and moisture. It is common in Central Europe – Alps. Taking further it is common in the Carpathians, south – Polish Mountains surrounding Jesenik. Majorly it is divided into 4 groups listed as Alpine Larch, Carpathian Larch, Polish Larch, Slezian Larch. It can create 3.9% Czech.

It is proven that Larch is water durable, as it was used in water-based structures, pipes, etc. It is used in shingle and considered valuable for construction and used commonly in furniture wood. For the surface treatment of Siberian larch Decking, OSMO decking oil is recommended. Its exterior is average durable and has an aesthetically pleasing look. The accessories which are required before installing Larch decking are- Screws, Brushes, Adjustable Feet. Due to its properties like good dimensional stability, the Larch wood deck is an excellent material for timber decking.

The most common coniferous forests in the world are larch forests, and the most important taiga is Siberian larch. This is valid, especially for the West-Siberian lowlands. This species also climbs to the upper border of the forest. In a broader spectrum, the Siberian larch also extends into north-east Europe. Just in the Russian Federation, the larch forests cover approx. 264 mils. ha. which is around 38% of their forest lands. Trees in Siberia reach up to 40m and around 400 years of age. The point of origin for Siberian larch is the West-Siberian lowlands, the southern part of the mountainous central Sib

Precio & Condiciones

Precio Por encargo EUR por m2 (sqm) Convertir
Incoterm FCA - libre transportista País República Checa Región Prague
Fecha de entrega Disponible por orden en menos de 30 días
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