Venta Sierras Circulares Para Desdoblar Jrion & Denz Usada 1990 Francia

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Tipo de categoría Máquinas para retestado y reaserrado
Categoría Sierras Circulares para desdoblar
Marca Jrion & Denz


Condición de la máquina Usada
Fecha de la fabricación 1990
Volumen 1
Descripción reference machine: 170 / L
single blade edger with evacuation craft product on rear chain on improved machine base Jrion
Maximum length of cut: 6,30m
Max cutting thickness: 120mm entry width: not limited
Product Width DELIGNE maxi: 60cm
Output mechanized storage items in the input string made of four warp strands
25.4 motorized pedal ground the input channel block can be retracted as required
4 descent of arms articulated with slight slope for loading the effortless the table input table has alignment channels to reduce product handling efforts cycle
automatic sawing including:
Joystick control of the train input strings pinning the wood guide
Support sawing cycle button: lower the presser blade lift, acceleration to selected speed, end stop by mobile savvy cutting or pressing cycle end, blade rewind and simultaneous thinning out simultaneously qu'évacuation product sawn rear table down on strings
A discharge storage table by nested rollers following the evacuation channels blade
Motor: 15 HP
Engine feeder: 3CV electric winch end variable speeds from 0 to 80m / min,
electrical brake,
pneumatic end stop hydraulic unit race board lifting the hydraulic power press beam blade,
control retractable output tables
Aspiration of the beam and low sawdust by strong section channel with sealing flap control joystick guide with digital display (encoder) and direct reading on track bar bracket on control panel articulated for better positioning of the operator gathering: Getting blade and central route, LED power control joystick input channels and forced arming can cycle on / off control sawing ammeter manual output tables
Orders, output channels
Manipulator thickness up
Display thickness emergency stop button complete electrical cabinet, hydraulic unit
Requires a three-phase 380 V connection a small compressed air supply to the damper carriage (in case of power failure or rupture tension cable)
Dimensions: overall length: 10000mm
overall width: 9300mm

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Incoterm EXW - En fábrica País Francia
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