Venta Sierras Circulares De Una Hoja Para Cortar Ingletes NPF "Tehpromservis" Nueva Rusia

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Tipo de categoría Sierras para el posterior proceso de madera maciza, paneles de madera y plásticos
Categoría Sierras Circulares de Una Hoja para Cortar Ingletes
Marca NPF "Tehpromservis"


Condición de la máquina Nueva
Fecha de la fabricación 2020
Volumen 1
Descripción Purpose, design Automatic trimming machine STA-1 is an industrial installation with a pneumatic drive for cross-cutting (trimming) wood with a width of up to 400 mm, as well as processing slats, slabs, other sawn timber into blanks, firewood or for the purpose of disposal.
It can be used as a stand-alone equipment or as part of technological lines for the production of timber, edged boards, boards, furniture, joinery of varying complexity.

Design features
The layout of the automatic end machine is based on the following main parts:
• Sawing mechanism. Block with a 350–450 mm circular saw mounted perpendicular to the fibers of the workpiece.
• Main drive. An asynchronous electric motor that rotates the saw at a frequency of 2850 rpm.
• Pendulum. The swinging arm allows the saw unit to move vertically in the lateral relation using a pneumatic cylinder or by force of the operator (with the drive disconnected). The number of double strokes of the saw is no more than 10 times per minute.
• Linear guide with conveyor for feeding workpieces up to 3000 mm long to the saw unit.
• Sawdust removal system - an aspiration-type installation for collecting chips.
• Control unit with a remote panel, which allows not only to control the electric drive, but also to adjust a certain length of workpieces.

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