Venta Salas De Hotel Contemporáneo Madera Dura Europea Roble Rumania

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Tipo Salas de Hotel
Estilo Contemporáneo
Tipo de material principal Madera dura europea
Material principal Roble


Volumen 50 - - piezas mensual
We produce interior and exterior doors, windows, furniture and laminated solid wood stairs. Quality and innovation by constantly looking to satisfy the most demanding and refined tastes. Our products are made of local wood species (spruce, oak) and exotic (mahogany, eucalyptus, meranti). The finish is done in a palette rich with lakes that provide lasting protection, allowing to see the wood structure. Sealing windows and doors is achieved by fittings with high resistance to wear and aging and hardware system used achieves a very good distribution of sealing force - Translated with google


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