Venta Roble, Nogal Lituania

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Tipo de madera maciza Madera dura europea
Especie Roble, Nogal
Tipo -


Volumen 50 m2 (sqm) mensual Convertir
Grosor - mm  Convertir
Ancho 600 mm Convertir
Largo 1200 mm Convertir
Calidad -
We develop and manufacture traditional panel parquet.

Since 1992, we have gained invaluable experience in the restoration and restoration of ancient parquets according to the surviving fragments and have developed skilled woodworkers.

When restoring ancient parquets, we learn from old masters and apply this experience in the production of panel parquets, of course, using modern technologies and materials. We still do most of the work by hand.

Our specialization is production according to individual orders. We perform all parquet laying, sanding and varnishing works.

Traditional parquet - it's not just "chevron" and "Versalis" - contact us and we will help you discover the incomparable variety of parquet patterns, the beauty of wood species and colors. We will create a work just for you.

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