Venta Piso De Lengüeta Y Ranura - Parquet Machihembrado Secado Al Vacío Fresno Blanco 20 mm EU Alemania

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Tipo de madera maciza Madera dura europea
Especie Fresno blanco
Característica clave Secado al vacío
Región EU
Tipo Piso de Lengüeta y Ranura - Parquet Machihembrado


Volumen 20 - 2000 m2 (sqm) mensual
Grosor 20 mm
Ancho 140-180 mm
Largo 500-2800; 2400 mm
Calidad Company's grading standard; Superior
It is entirely made in the EU, in the grand tradition of hand-craftsmanship and quality manufacturing. The warmth of natural wood, its solid structure, the big dimensions in which it is produced. Amazing rare and precious planks for people who are going only for the best and do not compromise. A piece of artwork created by nature made only by pure solid wood. Produced in more than 80 different species, which are amazing and enlighten every room, making it unique and precious. We also can offer various surface treatments as well as flooring accessories as skirting and stair nosing.
Prices are available on request. We would like to emphasize that our raw material imports comply with EUTR. Inquiries from architects, planners, interior designers, traders, floor layers and private consumers always welcome. We can ship worldwide.

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Precio Por encargo EUR por m2 (sqm)
Vende para: Africa, Asia, Europa, América del Norte, América del Sur, Oceanía


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