Venta Mesas De Jardín Tradicional Madera Blanda Asiatica El Cipres Chino (Cupressus Funebris) Japón

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Tipo Mesas de Jardín
Origen Japón
Estilo Tradicional
Tipo de material principal Madera blanda asiatica
Material principal El Cipres Chino (Cupressus funebris)


Volumen 1 Contenedores de 20' Punto – 1 vez
Fashionable Dyed Hinoki wood and Iron Dining Table Made In Japan
Please look at this beautiful shade along the grain.These features are an example of Japanese master craftsmanship. Hinoki is as known as a Japanese Cypress which represents Japan. It is used to express its` natural beautiful shading. Hinoki has been used for Japanese buildings, baths and more since ancient times. Hinoki has many beneficial properties like resistance to humidity and insect damage. Its` pleasant natural aroma is very familiar as well. By dyeing this traditional Japanese material, it has been reborn into something completely new and unique. The wood grain is kept intact to give its` vintage look. The innovative furniture "KABUKI" contains dyed Hinoki wood with durable iron legs. Watch, as this new material will blow new life into your interior decor.

The surface of the KABUKI series consists of 4 removable boards and is coated with a urethane paint finish. Please choose your favorite from the 5 colors we have available ( blue · yellow · black · green · red ). A mix of certain colors and styles represent or symbolize different meanings for example, if you want it to be given a sense of unity, we suggest that you choose the same color for all 4 boards. If you want it to be striped, you can alternate 2 colors like red and black, or if you want it to be colorful in various ways, you also can choose up to 4 different colors. You are only limited to your imagination but we hope we can help you find what you need.

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