Venta Cuadradillos Pino Silvestre - Madera Roja 160; 180 mm Rusia

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Tipo Cuadradillos
Tipo de especies Madera blanda europea
Especie Pino Silvestre (Pinus sylvestris) - Madera Roja


Volumen 30 m3 Punto – 1 vez Convertir
Grosor 160; 180 mm  Convertir
Ancho 230; 250 mm Convertir
Largo 2750 mm Convertir
Sistema de evaluación 1; 2; 3; 4
Calidad 3 4
Tratamiento Impregnated with Tanalith, Creosote or CCA of choice
Desecado secado en secadero (KD)
Railway sleepers, also called railway sleepers in some parts of the world, literally carry the weight of the world's railways on their backs. That is why safe and reliable sleepers are an integral part of every new railway construction project. Russhpala is the largest manufacturer of railway sleepers in Russia and one of the largest in Europe, with three factories producing products for customers in more than 10 countries.
We offer our customers three different types of finished wooden sleepers, the main difference between which lies in the method of processing the wood from which they are made. These are creosote-treated wood, CCA-treated wood (chromium-plated copper arsenate) and tanalized wood (which takes its name from the Tanalith wood preservative). - Translated with google

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