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Tipo de categoría Astilladoras y plantas de astillado
Categoría Máquinas desfibradoras
Marca NPF "Techpromservice"


Condición de la máquina Nueva
Fecha de la fabricación 2020
Volumen 1
Descripción Appointment and design details.

Industrial shredder for wood (wood waste shredder) Profit-650 is a single-shaft unit of low-speed type for universal use. Designed for processing waste, bars, rails, branches, boxes, pallets, and other waste of various breeds in order to obtain chips of the desired fraction. Complete with one rotor made of high-strength steel alloy with increased wear resistance.


• rigid frame, welded from metal profiles;
• 11 kW electric drive;
• hydraulic pre-compactor (hydroelectric station) 1.1 kW;
• loading chamber 650x960 mm;
• cutter shaft - rotor with 48 cutters with a section of 40 mm and a width of 650 mm;
• a set of sorting screens (sieves) with cells of various diameters.

Principle of operation.

Branches, bars, boards or other material are loaded into a hopper, at the bottom of which a rotating rotor with knives is mounted. Waste can be loaded manually, using a forklift, belt conveyor, inclined conveyor or other method. The hydraulic unit in the process of reciprocating movements presses the wood against the blades of the rotating rotor. At this stage, the primary crushing of waste into relatively large parts is performed.
Under the influence of gravity, the crushed fractions are lowered onto a sorting sieve. Particles, the dimensions of which are less than the diameter of the screen cells, fall down. Large fragments are sent for re-grinding. The cycle is continuously repeated until the material is completely crushed into specific fractions.

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