Venta Glulam - Vigas Rectas Клееный Брус Pino Siberiano, Picea De Siberia Rusia

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Tipo Glulam - Vigas Rectas
Marca клееный брус
Tipo de especies Madera blanda europea
Especie Pino siberiano, Picea de Siberia


Volumen 1+ - 100+ m3 Punto – 1 vez
Grosor de viga 185 mm
Ancho de viga 160; 200; 240 mm
Largo de viga 14000 mm
Descripción We produce glued laminated timber from Siberian pine and Siberian spruce. Glued laminated timber houses have their advantages. This is the speed, simplicity and economy of construction, the ability to bring to life almost any idea. According to experts, the technology of construction from laminated veneer lumber has received the greatest development. This happened due to the greater manufacturability of the material production process and the construction itself, and due to the shorter construction time. The optimum humidity in the house for the well-being of a person should be constant and be 45-55%.
Wood has a unique property to equalize the microclimate in the house, the air is saturated with essential oils and resins, acquires unique antiseptic properties. One of the other amazing properties of wood is the absorption of toxic substances such as cigarette smoke. For the construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber, a dry construction method is required, which is the fastest. Assembling a house on a finished foundation takes 2 weeks.
The high speed of installation is due to the fact that the kit is ready for assembly. Since timber construction elements are relatively light, transport costs are not high. Wooden houses made of laminated veneer lumber have a number of indisputable qualities: they practically do not shrink in height, do not crack, and have lower thermal conductivity.
More and more people prefer to live in the countryside, in cottage settlements.
Specifications of our material:
Glued laminated timber and beams have a moisture content of 10 ± 2% over the entire section, which prevents the formation of fungi and blue stains.
High load-bearing capacity with low weight. For example, the specific gravity of pine with a moisture content of 12% is 505 kg / m3, while for reinforced concrete this figure is 2500 kg / m3.
High stability and accuracy of fit dimensions.
Geometric stability, minimal shrinkage.
Ease of assembly and processing of structures at the construction site. Low costs for transportation and installation of structures.
Excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation.
High fire resistance, resistance to aggressive environment.
Protection from rodents due to the absence of mineral wool and insulation in the walls;
Natural air conditioning of rooms and a favorable microclimate.
In the production of our glued laminated timber, we use the Swedish AkzoNobel glue system.
We will be happy to accept and respond to your request.

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