Venta Gabinetes De Cocina Tradicional Madera Dura Europea Roble Polonia

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Tipo Gabinetes de Cocina
Estilo Tradicional
Tipo de material principal Madera dura europea
Material principal Roble


Volumen 1000 - - piezas mensual Convertir
We produce kitchen furniture on the size of oak. Body color: on request Casing body thickness: 18mm Cabinet bodies made of laminated chipboard 18mm thick. Depth of standing cabinets 57cm without front. The back wall is flush between the sides. Depth of body in hanging cabinets 32cm without front. Hanging cabinets have adjustable pendants. Drawers are fitted with a Modern Box with a depth of 45 cm. Fronts made of oak colored wood have customer's wish. Cabinets without countertops, the tabletop sold completely cut and cut to size. 28mm or 38mm thickness in the color chosen by the customer at prices per mb: gr 28mm 80 zł / mb gr 38mm 100 zł / mb In the case of custom made kitchens, the price is adjusted to the price of individual items. The set includes complete cabinets with pendants, tabletop, mounting strip and plinth. Setting the presented SET is not obligatory. Individual items can be set in any way, or replaced with others. - Translated with google

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