Venta Fijadores Para Cubiertas Plástico, PVC, Etc… MAHARASHTRA

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Tipo Fijadores para Cubiertas
Origen India
Nombre de producto partition & paneling fittings


Tipo de material principal Plástico, PVC, etc…
Volumen 30000.0 - 50000.0 piezas mensual Convertir
Descripción Right Angle Joinery TRU ***knockdown fitting for simple right angle panel assembly, mechanical tightening ensures a strong joint. The Tru-Fit fitting compromise male/female lock, which are screw mounted to the base/ side panel respectively. Wherein screw location for the male component is assisted by the integral dowels and finally held securely together by the fastener Easy to assemble and disassemble by sheer knocking action. Does not require professional expertise, specialized machinery or tooling. Ideal for manufacturing modular partitions & wall cladding. Latest in the range of modular partition fittings.It prevents lateral movement of the work pieces. These Push - Fit FITTINGS are designed so that the panel element locks into the frame element as it is pushed into one another. The strong clamping effect holds even heavy panels securely, yet they can be quickly released again without special tools.
Color white / black
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