Venta Estacas Pino Silvestre - Madera Roja Rusia

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Producto Estacas
Tipo de especies Madera blanda europea
Especie Pino Silvestre (Pinus sylvestris) - Madera Roja


Volumen 30 m3 Punto – 1 vez Convertir
Diámetro 10-14 cm Convertir
Largo 2-6 m Convertir
Calidad 3; 4
Tratamiento Impregnated with Tanalith, Creosote or CCA of choice
Treated with anti-rot preservatives for a long service life, they are an essential part of agricultural fencing. Rounded and cleaned poles, treated with anti-rot preservatives for a long service life, are an essential part of agricultural fencing. The poles are made of spruce and pine with one end pointed and the other end phased to facilitate the installation of the poles into the ground. But they can be ordered according to your requirements with straight or phased ends, etc. Poles of the largest sizes can be supplied sawn into halves.
Each wooden pole is made from a single tree trunk with a core in the middle. This means that during the drying of the posts, natural or industrial (in kilns), longitudinal cracks may appear. This is a natural process that does not affect the dynamic stability and quality of the posts.
The rounded and deburred posts are treated with Tanalith preservative and used for fencing, pasture, farm pens, garden uses, boardwalks, tree planting reinforcements, and agricultural work. - Translated with google

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