Venta Escritorios (Escritorios De Ordenador) Juegos – Ensambles De Bricolaje Otros Materiales Panel De Partículas - Aglomerado Çanakkale Turquía

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Tipo Escritorios (Escritorios de Ordenador)
Nombre de producto IRONY STUDY DESK
Origen Turquía
Región çanakkale
Estilo Juegos – ensambles de bricolaje
Tipo de material principal Otros materiales
Material principal Panel de partículas - aglomerado


Volumen 1 piezas Punto – 1 vez Convertir
Lagomood IRONY Work Table W:120cm H:73cm D:60cm  NOTE: Dimensions are volume measurements from outside to outside. Product Features: In our product, 18 mm thick 1st class particle board (chipboard) is used in the wooden parts. Due to its height from the ground, the bottom can be easily cleaned. Metal feet used in our product are made of steel profile. The colorant used on the metal legs is baked and static painted. Our products are shipped after quality control is done by our expert staff. Our product is in the same status as all our other models and can be teamed up. Anti-carcinogenic and antibacterial materials are used. It is produced with materials suitable for the environment and child health. Assembly: Our products are delivered disassembled in a special cargo package. Necessary installation diagram, material box compatible with the assembly diagram of all screws and accessories, and user manual are included in the packages.

Precio & Condiciones

Precio Pregunta por el precio
Incoterm EXW - En fábrica País Turquía Región çanakkale
Fecha de entrega Disponible por orden en menos de 30 días
Vende para: Mundial


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