Venta Diseño Madera Dura Europea Roble Ucrania

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Tipo Cutting boards
Origen Ucrania
Estilo Diseño
Tipo de material principal Madera dura europea
Material principal Roble


Volumen 1 - 1 camionadas mensual
Dimensiones 370*300*30; 300*290*30.
Multifunctional board serves as a preparatory, cutting and serving board.
Impregnated three times with colorless and odorless edible mineral oil.
Easy to maintain and clean, just rinse with warm soapy water.
The presence of silicone feet ensures uniform drying after washing.
Made from OAK, a wood renowned for its unique properties, unrivaled durability and natural contrasting patterns.
End-fiber chopping boards are manufactured using a method that provides maximum resistance to knife damage.
The board has greater strength and durability compared to conventional solid joints.
The use of longitudinal slats additionally ensures the strength and stability of the product

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Precio Por encargo EUR por piezas
Incoterm EXW - En fábrica
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