Venta Contracahapado Decorativo El Cipres Chino 2.5 ; 4 ; 5.5 mm

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Tipo de contrachapado Contracahapado decorativo
Tipo de especie - tipo de cara Madera blanda asiatica
Especies - cara delantera El Cipres Chino (Cupressus funebris)
Tipo de especies - capas interiores - capas alternas Madera Asiática
Especies - chapas interiores - chapas alternativas Lauan, MDF, Block board etc, as your request


Volumen 1 Contenedor de 20’ Punto – 1 vez
Grosor 2.5 ; 4 ; 5.5 mm
Ancho 610 ; 920 ;1220 mm
Largo 1830 ; 2130 ; 2430 mm
Class First class
Descripción To avoid suffering from the sick building syndrome, we highly recommend using F4star (Japanese original standard) interior materials. Because F4 star is recognized as one of the highest rank of Formaldehyde Emission Standards in the world. Which means F4 star is even better than E0. Needless to say, our fancy plywood are all F4 star so you can use that safely.
As you can see below, we have various kinds of veneers which come from all over the world. But we highly recommend using hinoki (Japanese cypress) or Japanese cedar for the face of plywood because the appearance of both are really beautiful and even these Japanese speices give you comfortable scent which you can relax. So what are you waiting for? Try our fancy plywood now!

=> 1. FACE & BACK
Black cherry, Yellow pine, Walnut, Monarch birch, Narra, Camphor, Zelkova, Anigre, Sapelli, Cedar, Spruce, Zebrano, Castor aralia, Ash, Teak, Oak, Elm, Hard maple, Birds eye maple, Hinoki cypress, Beech, Bubinga, Black walnut, Hemlock, Douglas fir, White ash, White oak, White sycamore, Birch, Makore, Melapi, Moabi, Red oak, etc. as your request

=> 2. CORE
Lauan, MDF, Block board etc, as your request

=> 3. Formaldehyde Emission Standards
Japanese JIS/JAS F**** (F4star) Any adhesive with the F**** mark can proudly claim a formaldehyde emission rate below 0.005 mg/m2h. These adhesives are approved for use in Japan without restrictions.

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