Venta Briquetas De Madera Haya PEFC Polonia

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Categoría principal Gránulos, Briquetas, Carbón
Tipo Briquetas de Madera
Origen Polonia


Volumen 4.0 - 6.0 camionada mensual Convertir
Tipo de especies Madera dura europea
Especie Haya
Humedad KD
Diámetro - mm Convertir
Largo 15 cm Convertir
Ancho 10 cm Convertir
Grosor 6 cm  Convertir
Certificación PEFC
Wood briquette is made from shredded wood waste such as sawdust, shavings and chips, which are subjected to a process of compaction under high pressure without the addition of adhesives. The low moisture content makes the calorific value of briquettes is greater than the timber. With the large density of the material relative to the volume of the combustion process is gradual and slow. Wood briquette has a number of advantages, including: - high density and, therefore, easy storage and distribution - may be used in a boiler with automatic fuel feed - high calorific value which is comparable with inferior quality coal, - does not contain harmful and the environment of substances, - low emissions of sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances during combustion, - low ash content, - the possibility of using ash as fertilizer, - the ability to store over a long period of time in a dry place, - a wide range of applications: in the individual boiler, boiler feed heating networks, fireplaces. The plant produces briquettes GRABO RUF- cube type used in boiler rooms and fireplaces. Briquette is packed in plastic bags, which are placed on a pallet and additionally secured with tape. - Translated with google

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Incoterm EXW - En fábrica País Polonia
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