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Tipo de categoría Astilladoras y plantas de astillado
Categoría Astilladoras y plantas de astillado
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Condición de la máquina Nueva
Fecha de la fabricación 2019
Volumen 1 - 1000
Drum chipper is a special equipment for producing high quality wood chips. It is widely used in the industrial production of medium density fiberboard, general particleboard and paper making. It is one of the main machines in the wood chips preparation section, and can also be used as a single wood chips production equipment. It can cut logs, small-diameter logs and other high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform growth, smooth cut and uniform thickness. It can also cut yarns, boards and so on.(1) The frame adopts high strength and heavy load welding structure.
The model including:
The material of feeding roll is made of special wear-resistant material, which improves the durability and prolongs the service life.
Feeding rollers are divided into 4 pieces, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement and improves production efficiency.
The base cutter base adopts cylinder push-pull device, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator, reduces the time of tool change and improves the work efficiency.
The cover of the machine is equipped with a broken rod, which acts as the second bottom knife in the cutting process and cuts the super-large wood chips twice.
The belt pulley is connected with the spindle by locking expansion sleeve, which improves the rotary accuracy and is easy to disassemble.
The protective plate is used in the cutting part of the cutter roll, which effectively prolongs the service life of the cutter roll.
Bearings adopt high-quality heavy-duty bearings to ensure the service performance and life of the equipment under full-load continuous operation.
Wide inlet, wide range of raw materials, matching the brand logs vibration conveyor according to the actual production demand, can feed smoothly and evenly under various raw material conditions, making chipping section run more efficiently.

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