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Tipo de madera maciza Madera blanda europea
Especie Pino Silvestre (Pinus sylvestris) - Madera Roja, Pino siberiano, Picea de Siberia
Tipo Flooring
Material principal madera maciza


Volumen 25 - 500 m3 Punto – 1 vez
Ancho 96; 121; 146 mm
Largo 3000; 4000; 6000 mm
Grosor 16; 18; 20; 22; 26; 40 mm
Grosor de capa de desgaste (capa superior) - mm
Calidad C
You can use this product, which is produced from Siberian Scotch Pine, in wood flooring. All of our Molded 10% - is baked up to 12% humidity and are sold in vacuum packed packages.

C Quality Panel;
Clean and Healthy Knot Diameter: It can be between 1 and 6 cm.
Clean and Healthy Knot: 3 Pieces Can Be Found in 1 Meter
Source Knot: Found
Fallen Knot: Found (It is cleared of unhealthy knots since the humidity is reduced to 10% during baking. There will be no knots falling during or after the application.)
Rotten Knot: Not Found
Capillary Crack: It Can Be Up To 10% Of The Length Of The Wood.
Greening: May Be Very Rare for Seasonal Reasons.
Resin: Available
Rot: None

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