Componentes Para Muebles Aliso Gris, Abedul, Aspen

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Tipo Componentes para Muebles
Material principal Madera maciza
Tipo de madera maciza Madera dura europea
Especie Aliso gris, Abedul, Aspen (álamo blanco)
Descripción corta - uso final используемая в качестве основания под матрац кроватей и мягкой мебели


Volumen 10 - 100 m3 mensual
Dimensiones длина - 475 - 990 мм. ширина - 50, 53, 55 мм. толщина - 8, 10 мм. радиус изгиба - 3,5
For the production of latoflex, birch veneer is used. From the formed veneer package in the press, a sandwich package is created, consisting of several layers (depending on the thickness of the latoflex). The finished package is placed in a press, gluing is carried out. Urea-formaldehyde resin is used for gluing parts. After that, the packages are cooled and sent to a format-cutting machine, where they are cut to a predetermined length. Next, the blanks are cut in width, the edges of the planks are milled. The slats are made from several types of veneer (the first for the outer layers, the second for the inner ones).
The production technology provides special strength to products and guarantees their durability. - Translated with google

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