Caso De Marco De Madera Abeto - Madera Blanca Madera Blanda Europea 15 m2 (sqm) Ucrania

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Tipo Caso de Marco de Madera
Origen de especie Ucrania
Tipo de madera maciza Madera blanda europea
Especie Abeto (Picea abies) - Madera Blanca


Volumen 1 m3 Punto – 1 vez Convertir
Altura 3000 mm
Ancho 4000 mm Convertir
Largo 4000 mm Convertir
Construir espacio 15 m2 (sqm)
We are a construction company from Ukraine, we have been building wooden houses throughout Europe since 1997, we are manufacturers.

We offer you a frame house for business, for hotels, for recreation centers, fishing lakes, hotels in mountainous areas! This is a ready-made modular house that only needs to be installed on the foundation, the price includes:
- wall thickness 20 cm;
- windows and doors;
- metal roofing;

That is, it is a ready-made house that is assembled at the place of operation and is ready for customers to live in!


- length 4 m;
- width 4 m;

We also manufacture modular houses to order, according to individual projects of customers!
We deliver all over Europe, interested in permanent cooperation!
Contact in a message or write, call on WhatsApp, Viber

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Precio 7900 EUR Convertir
Vende para: Europa


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