Abeto - Madera Blanca, Pino Silvestre - Madera Roja Madera Blanda Europea Rusia

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Tipo de madera maciza Madera blanda europea
Especie Abeto (Picea abies) - Madera Blanca, Pino Silvestre (Pinus sylvestris) - Madera Roja


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We sell wooden house kits - turnkey European-style Barnhouse houses, which are quickly erected, spacious due to the lack of partitions, bright due to panoramic windows.
Suitable for everyday life, country houses, for the arrangement of recreation centers, resorts.
The style concept is minimalism.
Barnhouse style houses are built using a special technology:
✔️the power frame of the house is being prepared from dry timber, glued timber 200/200mm
✔️ Panoramic glazing of windows and doors is used
✔️ provides a warm contour of the walls with insulation from PIR panels, CLT panels and wind protection
✔️the roof and walls are closed with a click-fold, a special finishing material that gives the building an aesthetic appearance
Disadvantages of houses in the style of "Barnhouse" - the project requires mathematical accuracy and professional project documentation. For the specialists of our company, which employs planners, architects and designers with more than 15 years of experience in construction, this is not a problem.
The peculiarity of our house kits is that the frame of the house is prepared in a covered workshop without exposure to atmospheric precipitation and is erected on the site in one day so that the wooden parts are not prematurely exposed to climatic influences.
Depending on the region, we will offer an individual solution for the material for insulation, vapor barrier and wind protection, so that living in the house is as comfortable as possible.
Domokomplekt designs do not require time for shrinkage. Immediately after construction, you can do the finishing, connect the electrician, plumbing, move in and live.
The price in the advertisement is from 76000 rubles per m2 on a turnkey basis.
The cost of a turnkey house kit with a terrace depends on the area of ​​the object and the amount of work:
48 sq.m - from 3 650 000 rubles
72 sq.m - from 5 500 000 rubles
80 sq.m - from 6,100,000 rubles
90 sq.m - from 6 850 000 rubles
120 sq.m - from 9,150,000 rubles
The cost of the finished guest house includes:
Foundation - from 200000
Power frame of the house - from 900000
Warm contour from 700000
Glazing (stained glass) from 350000
External finishing - from 600000
Networks from 200000r
Interior decoration from 200000r
Furniture from 50000r
Assembly - from 100000
Delivery - depends on the distance from the city of Vologda, by road is 75 rubles / km.
Write, call. We will discuss the details, calculate the cost, prepare a project, draw up an estimate and visualize your desire.
Within 3 months you can become the owner of your own, new, beautiful, warm, eco-friendly home for the price of an apartment.

☎️ Check the current prices for your order volume and detailed delivery conditions by phone!
We will arrange delivery by passing cargo across Russia at a convenient time for you.

Pickup: Vologda, st. Preobrazhensky, 28N

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