Significant rise in US wooden furniture imports

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Wooden furniture imports grew 11% in May to US$1.63 billion. Year-to-date imports were up 10% from May 2016.

The strongest growth in imports was again from Vietnam and China. Furniture imports from Vietnam grew 22% to US$336.4 million. Imports from China were worth US$662.1, up 16% from April.

Malaysia’s exported US$51.2 million worth of wooden furniture to the US in May, a 12% increase from the previous month. Imports from Indonesia grew at the same rate to US$51.7 million.

Mexico and India also exported more to the US in May.

Imports of all types of wooden furniture grew in May, except office furniture. Imports of bedroom furniture increased 17%, followed by seats (+13%) and wooden furniture for other uses (+13%).

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