Qingbaijiang International Timber Trading Center: Cooperating with timber trading event to creat the regional industrial future

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Recently, Qingbaijiang International Timber Trading Center and China Timber& Wood Products Distribution Association signed a cooperation agreement illustrating that Qingbaijiang International Timber Trading Center will act as an organizer of the 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference.

Responding to the National Belt & Road and the Yangtze River Economic Zone Strategy, in order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of timber trade both in China and abroad and to promote the healthy development of the regional timber industry, the 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference will be held in Chengdu during Sept. 6 -7, 2017. A two-day China Global Wood Trade Exhibition will also be held at venue in the the same period, to build a professional exhibition platform for leading players in the global timber and wood products industry.

China is the largest timber consumer in the world. During January to April 2017 China's import of log was 17.61 million cubic meters, increased by 13.97%; the import of sawnwood was 11.12 cubic meters, with an growing of 13.11%. The Natural Forest Commercial Logging Ban will lead to continuous growth of imports of timber.

Qingbaijiang International Timber Trading Center is located in Chengdu International Railway Port Park, near the


Qingbaijiang Free Trade Zone, covering a total area of 351351m2. It invests 500 billion yuan to build the largest timber and wood products trading center with functions of railway handling, modern logistics and storage, e-commerce and information transactions, industry exhibitions and business offices in southwest China. Its main categories include the sawn timber, templates, high-grade wood, preservative wood,etc. More than 400 companies set their branches here and the annual turnover is around 4 billion yuan.

Qingbaijiang International Timber Trade Center is identified by the National Development and Reform Commission as one of the five major markets engaged in "China Timber Price Index" collection, releasing, operation and maintenance. It is also a board company of China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association and with a high brand reputation in the southwest China. It is committed to become the largest multi-functional timber and wood products trading center and expo Center in Sichuan and serving the surrounding area.

In 2017, together with Qingbaijiang International Timber Trade Center, the 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference will provide more comprehensive services to domestic and foreign enterprises by clarifying China's timber, furniture and wood industry development status and analyzing the influence of new strategies, new skills and new technologies on the timber industry, and finally it will promote domestic and international exchanges and cooperation.

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