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  • Paneles
  • junio 15, 2017 10:40

Sveza launched a new product for the engineered flooring producers

Sveza is launching new product – Sveza Parquet, extra strong high-quality calibrated plywood which is suited for engineered flooring production... [más...]

Equipamiento para aserraderos
  • Equipamiento para aserraderos
  • marzo 11, 2017 10:40

Open House Scm Group España

Durante los próximos días 29, 30 y 31 de Marzo abrimos las puertas de nuestras instalaciones en Sant Cugat del Vallés para realizar...... [más...]

Explotación forestal
  • Explotación forestal
  • marzo 07, 2017 16:44


The company bought in December has had a successful history under the ex-owner’s management, who positioned it as a front-running company...... [más...]

  • Paneles
  • febrero 28, 2017 17:06

Stemau : a strong commitment on quality wooden flooring in Rome region

The Stemau srl is a young company that was born in the late '70s for parquet distribution. The company became the local market leader in Rome region...... [más...]

  • Noticias de maquinaria
  • julio 13, 2016 14:15

SCM Group expands presence in Australia

SCM Group seeks to expand its operations in Australia by incorporating Gabbett Machinery. For the SCM Group the incorporation of their Australian distributor ... [más...]

  • Empresa & Productos
  • junio 17, 2016 08:19

"Andrea gets things moving" - Video with the highlights of this year's KWF Tagung

The 17th KWF-Tagung which ended June 12 attracted a record number of visitors. Around 51,000 visitors came to the trade fair grounds in Roding over four days... [más...]

  • Explotación forestal
  • junio 03, 2016 09:38

Survey shows TTF members want to remain in EU

The British wood industry is clear about wanting the country to remain in the EU. This would be an advantage for UK's economy, as long as various reforms would be made in order to divide the benefits among the members states... [más...]

  • Paneles
  • febrero 02, 2016 10:15

Domotex 2016: FN Neuhofer Holz is once again winning over clients with innovations

Already well-known for its innovative strength and unusual marketing, the Austrian family firm FN Neuhofer Holz was once again able to win over clients at this year’s Domotex (16 - 19 January 2016) in Hanover. The new products and ranges ...... [más...]

  • Paneles
  • abril 16, 2015 09:15

Leuco at LIGNA: Tool innovations and innovative application solutions

At this year's LIGNA from 11 to 15th of May, the tool manufacturer LEUCO will focus on all-round tool innovations and innovative application solutions. The question is: How can users improve the processing quality with tools? How can throughput be increased and resources be saved? Which work steps can be used to achieve specific results in a smart way? ... [más...]

  • Paneles
  • marzo 20, 2015 11:08

EGGER presents surface and product innovations at Interzum

EGGER has many ideas to show at Interzum, from 5th to 8th May 2015 in Cologne. At the 600 m2 exhibition stand, the manufacturer of wood-based materials presents a host of new product innovations in the area of surfaces... [más...]

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