About 3,000 panel mills cease operation in China

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It has been reported that nearly 3,000 wood-based panel enterprises in Wen’an County, Langfang City, Hebei province have been told to cease production. This will have an immediate impact on the domestic panel market and jobs. The affected enterprises employ around 10,000 workers

Some enterprises have been required to re-tool to meet environmental requirements and some have been encouraged to relocate to their original home provinces, such as to Shandong Linqing, Liaoning Benxi, Xinjiang Yanqi and Hebei Xunxi.

A series of workshops on ‘Returning to Hometown to Invest’ have been held to encourage wood-based panel enterprises to return to their hometown and invest there. .

The affected enterprises were found to be generating and emitting pollutants which had contaminated surrounding farmland. It has been estimated that when these enterprises stop production or relocate it will be possible to rehabilitate around 2,700 hectares of farmland.

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