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  • agosto 27, 2015 13:54

Switzerland: Strong franc the main cause of a bad business year

The Swiss Timber Market Commission (HMK) sees a timber market negatively impacted by a weak economic environment and a massive strong Swiss franc. The euro area is no stimulent for growth and the downturn in China recently unsettled the whole world. During the 26th of August meeting, the HMK agreed again on two separate trends: Swiss sawyers which indicate stable prices; and forest owners, which expect to adapt to the slightly improved exchange rate.... [más...]

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  • agosto 27, 2015 11:38

Roundwood price going downwards in Estonia

Sawlog prices have become cheaper in June both as compared to the previous month as well as compared to last year... [más...]

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  • agosto 26, 2015 12:29

Versowood reduces sawmills capacities in Finland

Challenging market and lower sawn timber prices seem to be the cause... [más...]

Precios de mercado
  • Precios de mercado
  • agosto 25, 2015 09:44

Austria: Price of pellets stable in August

The price of pellets in Austria seems to be stable in August. One tonne of pellets has declined by... [más...]

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  • agosto 24, 2015 15:36

US lumber prices drop for seven consecutive weeks

Prices of US framing lumber were mostly soft last week, as steady consumption in the U.S. was outweighed by supplies. Traders surmised that the U.S. was the target for a larger share of both Canadian and U.S. production. While liquidity was decent, the market was unable to readily absorb the supplies. European imports were also a factor in East Coast markets... [más...]

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  • agosto 20, 2015 11:20

Sweden: Decreasing sawlog and increasing pulpwood prices

Swedish sawlog prices decreased by 1 percent in the second quarter of 2015 compared to the prior quarter while pulpwood prices increased by 1 percent. Sawlog prices decreased in all Swedish regions... [más...]

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  • agosto 18, 2015 14:35

High inventories and slow demand in China cause drop in New Zealand log prices

New Zealand export log price fell in August as demand in China weakend, with inventories in the Asian country more than double from their normal level. A-grade logs delivered to China fell to US$98/JAS, the lowest price since September 2012... [más...]

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  • agosto 18, 2015 13:16

US lumber prices stable

Buyers in all US framing lumber markets steered clear of purchasing anything beyond what they had to have. While acknowledging that consumption in the field was decent, they cited a variety of reasons for caution. Among them: China’s currency devaluation and resulting weakness in global financial markets; ample availability of most key commodity items; and lackluster demand in offshore markets coupled with increasing volumes being imported... [más...]

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  • agosto 18, 2015 07:20

Chinese plywood readily available; prices lower

European importers report that Chinese plywood has been readily available during 2015 and that delivery times to Europe currently stand at around 4 to 5 weeks. The dominant issue for traders in the Eurozone is the rising cost of imports, especially since December 2014, due to the dramatic loss in value of the euro against the US dollar... [más...]

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  • agosto 17, 2015 14:24

Price of wood pellets remains low in Germany

The price of wood pellets in Germany is still at a low level in August. The national average price currently stands at... [más...]

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