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  • Precios de mercado
  • abril 25, 2017 13:54

Three years of decline for sawlog prices in Europe

Sawlog prices in Europe have been trending downward over the past three years from their record high levels in 2014. The biggest price drops have occurred in the Nordic countries and in Central Europe, while the log costs have fallen slightly less for sawmills in Eastern Europe... [más...]

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  • abril 25, 2017 09:32

Austria: Price of wood pellets down in April

Austrian wood pellets price amounted to an average of EUR 229.4per tonne in April 2017... [más...]

  • Precios de mercado
  • abril 24, 2017 10:56

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 16, 2017

With the preliminary determination in the countervailing duty case just days away, trading in framing lumber slowed — to a crawl in Canadian S-P-F. Guarding against making any missteps, traders were determined to wait and see what the Department of Commerce’s ruling entails. The ruling is expected to be announced publicly April 25.... [más...]

  • Precios de mercado
  • abril 24, 2017 10:22

Sweden: Slightly falling sawlog prices and unchanged pulpwood prices during Q1/2017

Average delivery prices of Swedish sawlogs fell by two percent while prices on pulpwood remained unchanged... [más...]

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  • abril 21, 2017 07:59

Germany: Price of wood pellets drops in April

The price for wood pellets in Germany has decreased accordingly to the arrival of the warm season. Thus, the price of EN plus wood pellets went down by -3.6% during April 2017... [más...]

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  • abril 21, 2017 07:33

Södra increases the prices for sawlogs and pulpwood

The Swedish sawn timber market improved during the spring. Demand for softwood sawlogs is high and expected to remain so over the summer and autumn. Södra is therefore raising its prices for softwood sawlogs by ... [más...]

  • Precios de mercado
  • abril 20, 2017 10:32

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 15, 2017

Sales of framing lumber at the mill level slowed, as secondaries focused on selling from their own inventories and dealers struggled to absorb recent price hikes... [más...]

  • Precios de mercado
  • abril 14, 2017 09:19

Switzerland: average pellet price 1.19% down in April 2017

The average price for pellets in Switzerland decreased by 1.19% year-on-year in April 2017 and equalled ... [más...]

  • Precios de mercado
  • abril 12, 2017 08:41

China: Prices of main wood commodities in January 2017

This index contains the most update prices of logs and lumbers from the Guangdong Yuzhu Timber Market:... [más...]

Informes Especiales
  • Informes Especiales
  • abril 11, 2017 08:53

France: ash and beech being affected by the increased freight tariffs

In the second quarter of the current year, trade on the French hardwood markets was mixed. The French oak continues to run with the wind, and the industry representatives do not see reasons why it should stop. In processed goods, virtually all products find ... [más...]

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