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  • febrero 28, 2015 15:11

U.S.: Softwood and Panel Markets - Week 8, 2015

Harsh weather sidetracked traders across the eastern half of the U.S., and a ripple effect spread into other regions...... [más...]

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  • febrero 28, 2015 01:33

China: Prices of main wood commodities in January 2015

This index contains the most update prices of logs and lumbers from the two major timber distribution markets in China: Shanghai Furen Timber Market and Guangzhou Yuzhu Timber Market...... [más...]

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  • febrero 28, 2015 00:38

U.S.: Building Permits up 8.1% in January 2015

The U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development jointly announced the following new residential construction statistics for January 2015:... [más...]

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  • febrero 28, 2015 00:31

Euro area construction down by 0.8% in December 2014

In December 2014 compared with November 2014, seasonally adjusted production in the construction sector fell by 0.8% in the euro area (EA18) and by 0.5% in the EU28, according to first estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union...... [más...]

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  • febrero 27, 2015 22:52

U.S.: Softwood and Panel Markets - Week 7, 2015

Sales were tough to come by, and the goal of many framing lumber traders was simply to make it through the week...... [más...]

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  • febrero 27, 2015 15:01

Current logs and sawnwood prices in China

This report contains latest prices of logs and sawnwood from main timber markets in China... [más...]

  • Explotación forestal
  • febrero 27, 2015 14:29

UPM sells 3,700 hectares of forest land in Finland to AXA Real Estate

AXA Real Estate Investment Managers, the leading real estate portfolio and asset manager in Europe, has completed the acquisition of three forest estates in Finland, covering 3,700 hectares in total, for a consideration of Euro 11.2 million with UPM... [más...]

  • Explotación forestal
  • febrero 27, 2015 13:13

Swiss timber industry in deep crisis

Because of the drastic appreciation of the Swiss franc against the euro, the forestry and timber industry in Switzerland has enormous economic difficulties. Exports are almost impossible and supplies from neighboring countries make the Swiss domestic market more competitive...... [más...]

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  • febrero 27, 2015 13:00

Hekotek to supply equipment to 3 new pellet plants in Siberia

In autumn 2015 three new pellet mills will be put into operation in the Irkutsk Region (Russia). The delivery of the whole complex of equipment was provided by the Estonian company – Hekotek...... [más...]

  • Pulpa y papel
  • febrero 27, 2015 12:32

EU requests WTO dispute settlement panel over Russia’s excessive import duties

The EU requested yesterday the establishment of a dispute settlement panel at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva concerning Russia’s excessive import duties on different groups of products including paper products...... [más...]

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EU: Mixed results in softwood logs&lumber exports to China

Following a 2013 when European sawmills almost tripled their softwood lumber shipments to China, it seems that in 2014 this trend was set to continue, though at a slower pace. On contrast, softwood log exports declined sharply... [ más...]

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